Ketogenic diet or “Keto” is all the rage these days
The low carb diet makes the body produce ketones in the liver, which ultimately supply the body with energy. This diet will work better if supplemented by the right vitamins and minerals. If you dont which ones are the best, then you might want to check out USANA Philippines’ price list.

Keto Food Pyramid
Keto food pyramid chart. Nutrition and diet infographics.

2017 saw the rise in popularity of the Keto Diet primarily because many celebrities swore by it. If you’re from thePhilippines, the price list of USANA from 2017 can still be an accurate guide on which products you can choose as your partner when you begin your Ketogenic diet. You know what the diet is but don’t have a clue on its benefits? Then satisfy your curiosity below!

Weight Loss
Thanks to the low carb intake, people who go on a keto diet lose weight on a controlled pace. Adapting this diet makes you lose weight as quickly as people who fast; but the latter is an unnatural and unhealthy way to shed pounds. On a keto diet, your body burns fat around the clock so you have a constant access to stored energy, reducing your need to eat more. The appetite control that comes with the diet is the main factor for its weight loss benefit.

Mental Focus 
Keto helps you stay sharp and alert for tasks. The increased mental performance is a primary benefit of this diet and this is due to the lower carbohydrate intake—which eventually helps curb heightened blood sugar. The ketones you get from the diet are a neuroprotective antioxidant. This prevents harmful reactive oxygen species to damage the brain cells. With keto, you can also avoid neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Huntington’s disease.

Cholesterol & Blood Pressure
The equation is simple. Low carb equals lower cholesterol presence in the body, which therefore maintains controlled levels of blood pressure and blood sugar. The long-term health benefits is just one of the perks of Keto and a reward for having the discipline to continue it.

Physical Endurance
Due to the increased energy you get from Keto, you are geared to increase your physical endurance. Since you have continuous access to the energy of all your fat stores, it can significantly increase your capacity to move constantly without straining yourself. The low carb diet increases your energy without making you feel hungry all the time and it teaches your body to obey your lifestyle and just follow you as you’re on the move.

When you switch to this diet, you can also notice results on the improvements in your skin.

A study directly links a high-carb diet with increased skin problems like acne, pimples, and blackheads. Luckily, keto is the exact opposite of that! It provides cleansing for you and helps rid your body of the grease and fatty food that you eat, stuff that could result to breakouts and skin lesions.

Key Takeaway
The health benefits of Keto diet are probably the reasons why a lot of people started to adjust their lifestyle around it. Always remember that a nutritious diet such as this will prove to have a more long-lasting effect when combined with exercise and proper sleep.

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