News – Seoul, Korea –  윤다인 Dain Yoon

 Meet Dain yoon, a 22 year Korean artist, student of National University of Arts, Seoul.

“Recently, Dain Yoon has become famous on Instagram for creating and posting regular makeup illusions on her body”.

Her art work got noticed immediately, and within just 2 months of starting she has more than 20,000 followers on Instagram. Dain also started getting noticed, by local Tv channels in her state.

With incredible artistic work of art on her body confusing brain to believe what we see, Dain is all set to make a niche in her profession. It’s difficult to differentiate the reality of her body makeup.

Dain Yoon paints herself on body and not on canvas, adding an additional dimension of difficulty to the process.

Dain writes in her Instagram posts that she doesn’t use Photoshop as few think, In the process she looks into the mirror and completes the task.

See brain-boggling art works of Dain that will amaze you figuring out how she’s done that makeup?:

a me within me
a me within me – she says

visual illusion artist / Seoul copyright © Dain Yoon. All rights reserved. (one zero small s zero one)

catch her on instagram at – Dain Yoon

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