Here are a few simple but effective precautionary steps to take to keep safe after coronavirus pandemic.

Even as the world struggles to fight the corona virus with social distancing, the unusual outbreak of the novel virus has left the entire world in a state of lockdown, much for our own good. This pandemic has involuntarily coerced us to maintain certain hygiene procedures in our daily lives. While people across the globe are doing their best to abide the rules set by authorities during lockdown , here are a few simple but effective precautionary steps one can take willingly even after the lockdown  at least for next six months to remain safe against the virus.

dining habits after lockdown
The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to change our routines, lifestyles and habits – and many will be desperate for life to go back to pre-coronavirus days

Don’t think the pandemic is over and hence the need to sanitize. To prevent or minimize the risk of any virus keep washing your hands often with soap for at least 20 to 30 seconds.

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If you are out on work and soap is not available, carry and use a hand sanitizer gel with at least 60% alcohol content in it. Ensure the same while handling grocery at home. Wash or sanitize.

Wearing Mask
First of all do not touch your face with non-sanitized hands. If you have to go in public place for some work, WEAR MASK without a doubt. Wearing mask is not a solution, but an effective precaution. Hence, still avoid touching places like common railings, elevator railings, combing hairs with hands, touching face and then your mask. Many viruses like corona enters human body through touching the mouth, nose, and eyes therefore avoid the touch which is not necessary.

Make a habit to wear a mask and not necessarily the n95 masks, any sanitized mask should do the job.

Maintain Social Distance
Keeping physical distance of at least 1 meter from others should be safe. If you can hear the other person from that distance, it’s enough. Remember, if you are too close, you can be infected by breathing numerous infected airborne respiratory (cough or sneeze) droplets from an infected person. Go out only if it’s an emergency.

Work on building immunity
Besides eating balanced and healthy diet it’s important to build on immunity by regular physical exercise. Remember, healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Further, Indian spices may help to a large extent among other immunity-building foods.

There is a big list of Indian spices, but the benefits of garlic and turmeric are tried and tested. Because of rich anti-inflammatory properties, it has tremendous value in every Indian home. Add turmeric and a pinch of black pepper to milk to make haldi doodh (Turmeric infused Milk). It’s an age-old, proven formula to intensify the immune system. Vitamins C and D play a vital role in building the immunity respectively, so include more of green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Practice Respiratory Exercise
Start Yoga. It includes breathing exercises, meditation and physical poses designed to encourage relaxation and reduce stress. Practicing yoga daily gets immense benefits for both mental and physical health. This is an in-depth topic and we would not delve much into this. I am providing a breathing exercise video by Baba Ramdev, to stimulate immune system.

Also, following are the precautions you can take for next six months:

  • Don’t grow long beard
  • Avoid visiting salon, as far as possible, Do it yourself whether its shave or haircut. For some reason, if you cannot do it yourself, call the barber home but make sure, all the utilities like blade, shaver, cream, foam and towel is yours.
  • Avoid wearing unnecessary jewelry like neck chains, wrist watch (you can watch time in mobile though) and waist belts.
  • Keep hand sanitizer and tissue papers handy so that you can use them often while driving or while working.
  • Leave footwear out of the house and wash legs and hands thoroughly before entering your home.
  • If you have a slim doubt that you came in contact with the infected person, bath with hot water, do warm gargle, nebulize and intake spicy hot drinks.

In fact, whether the lockdown lifts or not, by practicing these few steps in place, you shall remain safe. Please be aware that get tested asap if you notice the slightest symptoms of COVID-19  manifestation.

PS: Please share it to your family and friends and groups to help them Stay safe and healthy!

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