What Influences Your Career Choice?

To choose things is life. Friends, soul-mate, job or a career, it’s about choosing the right thing at the right time. Since we are here to guide you regarding your career we leave other options considering them as your personal thing. Though selecting a career is a personal decision, one can get information, guidance or consult professionals, there is nothing wrong.

As a student, you should consider the pre-dominant factors that influence your career choice? An average student faces difficulty in making the right choice to find a suitable career.

Choosing Is Important
Selecting a career is one of the most important decisions in life of a person which will eventually make his/her life fruitful and tension free. If you feel that you are one of those who Imagine being stuck in a dead end and unable to take a decision then these tips are for you.

As we told you that the right career path is the most important and influential decisions that you will make in your life. A good career is a hunt that needs your emotional investment and time. There are few factors that play vital role while choosing career to pursue. Our today’s generation dreams and aspires to be rich or to become big guns overnight. Few are desperate of becoming leaders, politicians and social reformers.

And there is a different segment who craze for becoming poets, writers and novelists while majority of us generally have a desire of becoming actors, engineers, doctors and scientists of great repute. But there is different world altogether only if you explore. We know few personalities who really happy-go-lucky by nature and have no clear-cut aim in lives. They chose to be different, because they see things differently. That is why they choose career differently.

What you can do is to follow your heart. Think what you like to do most. Find Your Career in your Passion. The magic is to opt what makes you feel passionate about. What motivates you? What is that, that has not made you sleep for desire of becoming something from your childhood?


  • What makes me happy?
  • When do I feel passionate about?
  • What points at work do I hate?
  • What am I really good at?
  • What are my weaknesses and fears?
  • What are my values in life?
  • How much money do I need? And Why?

Honest answers to such questions will give the exact direction to and help to choose the perfect career path and lead a life living job you truly love! I mean work what you love.

Consider Turning Your Hobby As Your Career
Ponder what inspired you to say OK to your current job or career? Did you choose the present job for glamorous and easy life? Or, you were fair enough to choose relating to your hobbies and interests?.

 No doubt, you were inspired with a salary and other perks. As Confucius once said, “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” We totally agree with this saying, as your future career success will depend on your emotional state and things that you are really good at. Your hobby can be a window to what you truly love.

Determine Your Financial Needs
Truly speaking, the money you will make out of your career is initial and significant factor for you. Different people have different financial needs and lifestyles. For few Rs 30,000 per month could be less and for others quite luxury. Choose your intuition for financial needs and make a right decision based on that.

When choosing a career, remember to consider your present level of education as it will decidedly impact your salary. Employers have a specific set of norms: most of them require university degrees, professional experience, and special training sometimes. Being successful in your career means you have taken right decision determining your goals, interests, hobbies and passions. Give yourself a time for personal analysis and contemplation.

We talk of many career options, but less concentrated subject with enormous possibility is the marine biologist, which Indians may opt as their career if things like sea creatures intrigue them.

Marine biology is the scientific study of all living organisms in salt water and are heavily involved in research. Besides sea, aquariums and zoos are other noted locations for employment. Traveling and working outdoors is representative of a marine biologist career, but laboratory work is most important, not only for new discoveries, but also for the care and treatment of marine animal life.

What is it like making money with living your passion. New marine biologist can expect to earn around $35,000 if he or she is employed abroad. The salary of more-experienced biologists can rise to over $100,000. The marine biology field is very competitive, and there are many different types of jobs available which impact salary.

Marine Biologist For Nature Lovers
A marine biologist is entrusted with a job to study numerous aspects relating to creatures that live in sea. To perform and discharge his duty, he has to catch fishes and thereafter study them when they are found dead, or alternatively he himself has to go into the water in order to have a close look over them while they are alive.

The most useful and important tool for the biologist is the pickling bottle, containing alcohol or formalin. In the absence of such tool, he has very little time at his disposal to keep lose watch at a creature he has collected, for the animal would decay in no time.

Besides this, he uses a trawl net in order to catch fishes and other sea creatures. Such type of net is cone-shaped and apparently looks like a butterfly net. Its mouth is sewn to a hoop, and the rest trails behind. A towline from the ship is attached to the hoop. A heavy weight pulls down the line at the time when ship snails along.

Fishes along with water flow in the net through its mouth very smoothly and after sometime the water escapes and the fishes are caught in the net. For the purpose of bringing the bigger and fast swimming fishes into the net, it is made with large meshes keeping in view the water may flow through in no time and the trawl can be towed very fast. In order to catch smaller fishes, the finer quality of meshes are used while making nets.

When the marine biologist is satisfied that a large number of creatures have been caught, the net is hauled in and thereafter, it is tipped out into the canvas. Different types of sea creatures are counted and the ones to be keep are popped into their bottles. To make sure himself, at times the biologist takes color pictures at the moment or after they die. 

This job is undertaken with a view to ensure the exact color of the creature when they die. It is seen that many dead fishes lose their color in no time in spite of the fact that they are chemically preserved. Thereafter the specimens are dissected in the lab. Biologists dissects to examine very minutely each and every part in respect of different creatures in order to arrive at a conclusive decision and to determine as to what are differences and similarities among them.

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