Health and Mental Fitness is very important for kids to grow and improve their knowledge. Keeping the mind fit with good brainteasers will do, what a dumbbell can’t. To refresh your memory and keep your mind alert we are giving meanings of few difficult medical terms that you may or may not have come across in books or in your classroom. Always remember “Good Readers are Good Leaders”.


Word Power For Kids
We are giving you a random list of words, also their meanings and examples for you to understand what it means and how it is used in our daily life. so that you break up traditional abcd typo habit and make yourself ready for any pick of the word.

Metabolism – A chemical activity that maintains life in your body.
ex: John’s high metabolism contributed to his slimness.
Greek word Metabole means Change.

Ventricle – A chamber of the heart.
ex: Ventricles pump blood to the rest of the body. Also part of the brain.
Latin word Ventriculus means Little Belly.

Lipid – Fats and Oils that are insoluble in water.
ex: Mehta’s high lipid count may lead him to cardiovascular (heart) disease.
French term Lipide.

Sciatica – Pain in the Sciatic nerve and its branches, affecting the back, hip and outer leg.
ex: Praveen’s Sciatica hurt so much he couldn’t walk for a whole week.

Aneurysm – Abnormal swelling of an arterial wall.
ex: That kid’s weakening in the blood vessel wall led to an aneurysm.
Greek term Aneurusma meaning Dilatation.

Orthotic – Artificial support for limbs for spine.
Greek term Orthosis meaning Making Straight

Ligament – Tough tissue connecting bones or cartilage, or holding a joint together.
ex: Many Athletes incur ligament damage to their knees.
Latin term Ligare meaning to bind.

Glaucoma – Condition causing blindness, marked by high pressure within the eyeball.
Greek term Glaukoma.

Anaphylactic – Showing extreme sensitivity to a substance.
ex: Allergy to nuts can cause Anaphylactic shock.
Greek term Ana (again) and Phulaxis (guarding)

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