NCW seek Total Ban On Tiktok Amid Objectionable Videos, Leading Youth Towards Unproductive Life.

NCW chief, Rekha Sharma has said she will be writing to the government of India to ban tiktok permanently as the app is providing a platform for objectionable videos. The youth of the nation are leading towards Unproductive Life besides creating unacceptable videos.


Recently, Tiktok forced to remove Faizal Siddiqui’s video promoting Acid Attack after NCW ultimatum. Ironically, Faizal has 13.4 million followers on Tiktok. Considering the consequences of such videos, NCW had written to DGP, Maharastra, to book FIR on Faizal and take action against Tiktoker’s who are not only creating displeasing videos but also promoting them without any hesitation. After row over lots of regular derogatory content, Rekha Sharma said she is of the opinion that this Tiktok app should be banned totally.

She tweeted replying to a video which brought to her attention which allegedly promoted rape, obnoxious videos and videos promoting acid attack and love jihad.

Faizal is a team member of NAWAB. He is brother of Amir Siddiqui who has been in the controversy  for making lengthy TikTok video on YouTubers and tagging famous Youtubers including CarryMinati.

Responding to the same video, CarryMinati posted a now-deleted roast video titled YouTube vs TikTok – The End. The video triggered sensation over the internet , as he expressed his opinion about the creators of Tiktok. YouTube later deleted the video for its harassment policy it had updated in December 2019.

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