Examination Stress

Examination Takes over Education

In India, you can the know current status of the country by just having a look at those eye catchy huge banners on the roads over the flyovers making you feel that its very easy to get everything and anything in this world. But it is not the same in reality, everything and anything in real becomes nothing and something.

Education these days have become alike. What you see is not what you seek. Nowadays education has become a success ingredient for a businessman and a magical power for the politicians. The Two ‘E’ words Examination and Education have become a curse to the students and blessing to rest.

As we all know the famous proverb that everyone have been hearing it since their childhood is “Today children are Tomorrow’s citizens”, seems like this proverb and is been just read but not practiced. Because if this proverb was taken seriously we wouldn’t have been seeing the suffering condition of children today to score good marks.

Why is it always necessary to chase behind something without any personal interest or motivation.Whom to blame? Is it Education System, Educational Institution or We??. It’s always better to look at ourselves rather than pointing out others. We need to broaden our thinking and realize that Education is just tool that grooms and helps us to bring out the better version of self.

Stop looking at Education and Examination scores as a statuesque. Education system hasn’t changed from years, those ranks those grades doesn’t define us. In my view Grades, Marks, Ranks are just like a Sparkling Water. We can survive with Sparkling water but cannot survive without normal water. So it’s good if you score great grades but its ok if you  haven’t scored also drink normal water and relax because you got all the strength and knowledge to do better and be best at your area of interest.

They say history repeats, We should never forget our roots, We should know where we have come from. If it is so then why have we forgotten our roots while designing the Education system. We need to follow those old techniques and old methods of gurukul teaching where every child is given special attention and tested according to his capabilities. Knowledge should be the master and aim of Education rather than Examination and Grades in it.

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