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Nick, Siberian Husky Is The Winner Of 4th Annual Beverly Hills Dog show. Nick competed to almost 2,000 other dogs before winning the top prize at the Show. Michelle Scott, his handler said, “It is a star-studded celebrating win for me and Sharin”.

The Siberian husky’s full name is Sharin Nick and is trained from Dynasty RC Kennel, also the name given to pooch on show. He bagged home “The Best in Show” title at the 4th annual Beverly Hills Dog Show Presented by Purina, which aired on NBC on Sunday night.

The show on air was watched by celebrities like Olivia Culpo and Bo Derek, while as Nick made it’s entry into the final round, out-numbering six other dogs.

Siberian husky, NICK, won as the BEST IN SHOW at the 4th Annual Beverly Hills Dog Show

Along with sharin, who won the Working Group prior to taking Best in Show, the Best in Show pack included : McConnaughey the English Springer Spaniel, Piper the bloodhound, Luna the Cairn terrier, Bono the Havanese, Joan the Chinese Shar-Pei, and Conrad the Shetland sheepdog. Nick bagged the top prize, adding his total Best in Show wins to 60 in his kitty, with the help from Michelle Scott.

McConnaughey the English Springer Spaniel
Piper the bloodhound
Luna the Cairn terrier
Luna the havanese
Joan the Chinese Shar-Pei
Conrad the Shetland sheepdog

Other dogs like Nick had the determination and a great energy about them. Eventually, it’s a long hot day, in the ring and husky is a real athlete with big heart,” Michelle told PEOPLE about what she thinks sets the Nick apart from his competition.

With another star win in his kitty, husky enjoyed his big night with a tasty dinner and a good sleep in a cold room. “He really likes to just hang out, especially when we go biking along the canal. At the end of the day, he’s just a marvelous dog.” Michelle said adding about his personality.

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