VVPAT counting

The Biggest Success Story Of 2019 – For the first time the results of voting machines have been matched with slips from paper trail machines.

The opposition party leaders like Chandrababu Naidu, Mayawati, Rahul Gandhi, and Mamata Benerjee were raising questions about the credibility of EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines). The same leaders have to accept their disgraced fate now as the Election commission of India in its report revealed, that they did not find even a single mismatch after commissioning 22.3 lakh ballot units, 16.3 control units and 17.3 lakh VVPATs, making it the biggest success story in the history of India for Elections 2019.

Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) presents its Report on Sample Size of VVPAT Counting to Election Commission of India – Press Releases

The EC has also done physical count of 20,625 VVPAT slips compared to 4125 slips last election, and the counting, as per the EC data, not a single case of mismatch was found between the VVPAT slip and EVM count.

While there have been allegations on EC throughout the elongated election campaign, now they deserve a big round of applause for the outstanding stuff. This makes us proud and more confident of our institutions. Well done ECI for performing the job with utmost dedication.

Picture of Opposition parties united on May 21st, 2019 to request the Election Commission for the VVPAT slips to be verified with EVMs before the beginning of full counting. If discrepancies are found then VVPATs for the entire Assembly Constituency should be counted.

The report was submitted by Chief Electoral Officers from across states of India. The opposition had demanded a 100% count to counter alleged manipulation of EVMs a demand that was rejected by the EC and then the Supreme Court.

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