Oppo and T- Hub

OPPO and T-Hub association will boost opportunities while improving start-up ecosystem in India. The partnership will support the most innovative start-ups dealing in artificial intelligence, 5G, camera and battery, image processing, gaming and system performance.

The start-ups who impress the collaboration will get incubation and technical mentor-ship support to access new markets. T-Hub will use its expertise basing on its previous learning, in executing various programmes and will stand by the new start-ups for productive mentor-ship and international exposure to the domestic incubation and innovation ecosystems for overall development of the country.

These start-ups have to prove their innovative prototypes and strategic fitment with Oppo products. The start-ups with the potential to accelerate would be selected.

artificial intelligence
The Oppo and T-Hub partnership will help startups in the areas of artificial intelligence,

Talking about this partnership, Tasleem Arif, VP and Head R&D, Oppo INDIA, said that the OPPO recognizes the potential of Start-up communities in India which have pushed the boundaries of innovation at light speed by taking entrepreneurship seriously and have become the key pillars for growth of the economy.

This joint-venture is an extra push opportunity to accelerate indigenous and localised offers to give impetus to start-ups, and for them to innovate useful solutions and products, he said.

Earlier, before corona virus lock down, OPPO has signed MoU with IIT Hyderabad, for joint research in the field of science and technology. Also, similar MoUs were done with the Government of Telangana and Kerala Start-up Mission (KSUM) in 2019.

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