Philippine’s unassailable leader, the newly elected President Mr Rodrigo Duterte said he will seek to return the death penalty and if necessary he would give security forces shoot-to-kill powers for crooks who escape arrest and those who associate in coordinated crime. This was his first comment with reporters after his recent elect. It is ambiguous how easily he could execute such proposals, but people credit his success to his bold attitude and strict actions on crime.

DUTERTE-pollThough official results of elections have not been out yet, Mr Duterte has an unassailable lead and he will need the support of Congress to enact his plans.He will take oath on 30 June for a term of 6 years.As a crime-crushing mayor of the southern city of Davao, once infamous for its chaos, has earned him the title The Punisher.

In a press conference yesterday, he said he will request Congress to restore death penalty by hanging which was prohibited in 2006.

Duterte – Moniker the Punisher

  • Born in 1945 into a political family married twice but now single, he says he has several girlfriends
  • A lawyer by profession, he became mayor in 1988.
  • His tough stance has earned him reputation The Punisher. He fought crime, militancy and corruption.
    Famous for provocative comments, like saying he would kill thousands of criminals without trial
  • Rights groups say hundreds of criminals were killed by so-called “death squads” in Davao during Mr Duterte’s leadership.
  • In 2015, Human Rights Watch described Mr Duterte as the “death squad mayor” for his strong-arm tactics in Davao.
    He is up with series of proposals such as ban on alcohol in public places.
  • In one of this controversial statement, he vowed to give himself and members of the security forces immunity from prosecution after leaving office, saying: “Pardon given to Rodrigo Duterte for the crime of multiple murder, signed Rodrigo Duterte.”

Who is Rodrigo Duterte?

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