The greatly popular game PUBG, imposes a time restriction on the players. However,this seems to afftect only the Indian players. The players from the rest of the world remain unaffected.

Such a step was made by the company in response to the numerous arrests made in the country,especially in the state of Gujarat (Rajkot).

According to this,the Indian players are time bound with a six hour limit. In the first two hours,a warning notification,pops up.After four hours,another notification reminding them of the time limit pops up. And lastly, after six hours of gameplay the game shows a ‘health reminder’ and says that the player can login again after 24 hours.

The Chinese government also put an age limit of 13 years on the game as a measure.

The company in order to clarify its restriction claimed that the game is made for entertainment purposes only and it should be enjoyed and played in a responsible manner.


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