Rape-aXe – Answer To The Rising Rape Problem?


    The rising problem of women violation have become a matter of serious concern in India. Not only in India, women in every country is possibly worried. It raises serious questions on the safety of women across the world. It’s hard to avoid the fact that we see news of women’s rights being violated on a daily basis, and now it’s significant than anything –  to address this issue with utmost attention.

    Rapex anti-rape-device
    Rapex anti-rape-device – A tube female condom with inward facing barbs

    A woman medical technician in South Africa Sonette Ehlers developed a product for woman to prevent rape. It is a condom that women can wear like a female condom to use for their own safety. It’s named as a Rape-aXe. It resembles a tube, with inward facing barbs.

    The woman inserts it like a tampon and with these shafts of sharp, inward-facing barbs on, if the attacker attempts to penetrate a woman’s vagina, the sharp barbs would cling to the attacker’s penis forcing him to withdraw giving women an opportunity to escape or call for help.

    The attached barb can only be removed from the penis surgically forcing attacker to go to an emergency room. That means the attacker will give hospital staff and police a clue of a suspected rape attack.

    Despite appearing absurd step, we should note that women in helpless situation should be allowed to call for desperate measures. It’s time that we take this problem seriously; otherwise it’s not too late for Indian women who may also be forced to use such condoms for their protection.

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