The News Of Real Angel Falling From The Sky In London – Going Viral, Is It Real Or Fake? Read To Know..

real angelRecently, the whole internet went viral with the images and videos of fallen angel, which was supposedly fell from the sky in London at around 1:50pm local time on July 27th, 2015.

This human like angel figure seems to be an old woman with wrinkles, sunspots and wings (like dirty looking chicken wings) attached to her back. The pictures and videos have hit the cyber world and Youtube since then, with attractive yet thrilling captions: “Real Angel Fallen from the Sky in London. End of the world?” etc.

The news went viral soon after the crooks heard about NASA’s announcement that they had found Earth 2.0. and related this story to NASA’s discovery. However, trust us this is not going to be the end of this world.

Answer few questions

How can be a supernatural being be realistic? But you may guess what we are getting at. It’s too human like, and not like angel or supernatural. So, do the supernatural too have wrinkles? The hair, even the flesh is like human then how can it be supernatural?

However, the furry wings are very impressive no doubt, but it’s a bit weird. Before your brain start imagining the wildest of it, let us break the nut for you.

Don’t trust us yet? Hey, this is actually a creative sculpture, a masterpiece of “Angel” and is the brainchild of Beijing artists SUN YUAN and PENG YU, who are popular to create such artworks from real human corpses and flesh.

Here is their website –

This angel piece is made from silica gel, fiberglass, stainless steel and woven mesh informed the local reporters, but that doesn’t mean it looks any less real.

Sun yuan and peng yu other works 3


The caricature is intended to highlight the tension and transition between the supernatural and the mundane. The angel, a transcendent being, has become powerless, unable to carry out God’s will, or to help those who believe in this existence.

Surprisingly, to the artists, the creation was showcased in 2008, but it went viral on social media only a few days ago, interesting people, no one knows when socibs will make you popular in no time.

What is more unbelievable is, our wonder that what language it would speak if it did not die and if its real, and where did it get the clothes it’s wearing, weird.

To the question in a discussion with one of the noted spiritual guru said, “Angels are only spirits with no physical bodies. Angels are neither white nor black, as many people would think”. 

If you want to have a look at these kind of praiseworthy creations of the artists visit their website here

And remember don’t judge too fast.

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