A notorious criminal from ville parle mumbai, Vadivel Devendra alias Gundapp Bhai who was released six months back in a 5year old minor rape case has been arrested and booked under several IPC’s for raping and brutally killing and dumping a 9 year old girl in a septic tank.

Devendra has been charged with
IPC 201 – Disappearance of evidence
IPC 302 – Murder
IPC 363 – Kidnap
IPC 376 – Rape and under POCSO Act sections 4 – Penetrative Sexual Assault, Section 8 – Sexual Assault and 12 Sexual Harassment.

The little girl was reported missing on Thursday 4th April 2019 and the rape – murder came to light when police detained Devendra based on a CCTV Footage from the area that showed the Class III girl walking with him.

As per the girl’s mother she sent the girl to get tea powder from Kirana shop and when the girl didn’t return for an hour, they got panicked and started searching for her. Responding to complaint Juhu Police launched search operation for the girl in the area, surprisingly the criminal himself escorted them in the area acting innocent.

Vadivel Devendra
This notorious criminal was Convicted in 2013 for raping a 5 year old girl in the neighborhood, and was released in 2018

He led the cops to spot where he had dumped the minor’s body. Police are investigating how he lured the girl and where he committed the offence. On a tip off that Vadivel Devendra is a history sheeter who was accompanying them and had been convicted for a minor’s rape earlier, the cops smelled foul and detained him after looking at CCTV footage, where he was seen talking with the girl. Initially he insisted that he left the girl after walking till the shop, later after thorough interrogation he confessed to the crime.

Local residents demanding Juhu Police For Stern Punishment

As the news of the offence spread, hundreds of residents nearby gathered outside Juhu Police Station demanding immediate and stern action against Devendra.

Deputy Commissioner Of Police of the region Paramjit Singh Dahiya assured the public that the accused gets severe punishment. Our reporters investigation revealed that this notorious was Convicted in 2013 for raping a 5 year old girl in the neighborhood, and was released in 2018 for good behavior in jail.

Conclusion: Needless to say, the punishment for who helped him to perpetuate further crime must hung their faces in shame. Law and order and justice system in the country has proven impotent  and often farce. Before we confront such incident again, the intellectuals in the neighborhood must come forward to educate parents, children in schools and others on child safety


Keep the child protection and safety as your top priority in the list – Being Safe highlights the ever-increasing necessity of every parent and the need of the hour is to educate children about staying safe while providing them with the necessary tools on how to do this.

No parent imparts scary what-ifs, but there is a possibility that our kids might need guidance on how to stay safe in life-threatening situations. But despite our best efforts, there is no place that is 100% safe. Being alert is the only option.

The reality is that our children may witness a crime despite our best of efforts to keep them safe. But we can follow few rules to stay alert.

1. Never Send Your Children Alone
Come what may, parents should never send their kids to shops or tuition alone. Always encourage your kid to walk in groups or at least with one friend, sticking to lanes only they’re familiar with. Instruct your child to avoid shortcuts at any cost through quiet places like empty parking lots, malls, lanes or gardens.

2. Keep Gadgets Out Of Sight
Ask children always to keep material possessions like mobile phones and iPads out of sight. Theft may be the intention of the potential criminal if not rape who may cause serious physical injury to the child.

3. Riding in cars with strangers is a strict no-no
Warn your child against getting into a car with a stranger who might use the opportunity showing an emergency. Tell your child that even in emergency you would never send a stranger to pick them up.

4. Beware of the friendly stranger
If approached by a stranger you must teach your child not to talk any topic with a stranger regardless of how friendly they may seem, and if that stranger tries to grab them ask them to fight back, shout very loud, kicking and screaming that the person is not their parent, thus alerting passers by.

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