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According to government’s Revised Discharge Policy For Corona affected Patients are those who have mild/very mild/pre-symptoms will be discharged after 10 days of symptom onset and if no fever is observed for three consecutive days. In moderate cases, if symptoms settle within 3 days and patients sustain saturation above 95% for next 4 days without the oxygen support, such cases will be discharged after 10 days of symptom onset.

Here is the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare issued revised discharge policy details for COVID19 patients.

It is not clear yet to us that if the person if still infectious, hasn’t recovered and he will be discharged? This will lead to more spread of the virus as that person will come in contact with his family members and neighbors. Moreover, Order to not test those who are pre Symptomatic or Moderately Symptomatic, is pathetic. The government should reconsider or increase the test kits, which appears to be in dearth.

No Reverse transcription PCR or RT-PCR tests – conducted to detect the presence of pathogens in the body – will be done for coronavirus patients showing mild or moderate symptoms before they are discharged, the Union Health Ministry said today as it revised its guidelines for the discharge of COVID-19 patients. The new guidelines come as coronavirus cases in India inch towards the 60,000-mark, increasing the burden on healthcare facilities across the country.

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