Shopping Surfaces Can Harbour Germs For Days. Hygiene Will be Crucial For Shops To Remain Open Without Putting Shoppers’ Lives At Risk

In Telangana, all shops are allowed to re-open to resume business activity while adhering to Covid-19 guidelines. The relaxation is being implemented following odd even system. The guidelines to maintain include timings with limited staff , wearing masks, using sanitizers and above all keeping the safe 6 feet physical distance from others.

Only the establishments in yellow box are not allowed to open.


The ongoing Lock Down in Telangana State has been extended to March 31. After the lock down, whether, the government will give relaxation to the remaining establishments or extend further, will depend on the cases.

However, here is the presumption we made after taking advice from a microbiologist. Shopping will not be easy anymore, and the SHOPPERS could possibly face lot of distress while following strict regulations.

Microbiologist Professor Bill Keevil, University of Southampton, said shop surfaces can harbour germs for days. Hygiene will be crucial and challenging for shops to be able to remain open without putting shoppers’ lives at risk.

Shopping centers can resume operations from June 15 under strict Government rules, and every shop is expected to provide cleaning stations at the entrance and around the store as shown in the picture. Here is the suggestion he showed to us, a few changes that will need to be implemented in stores.

Microbiologist Professor Bill Keevil

Only shoppers with face masks must be allowed to enter and asked to wash their hands regularly in order to stop the spread of Corona virus and items touched by customers may need to be quarantined, scientists say.

Another problem is to face the calls to distress by the staff and the line jumps due to anxiety after distress shopping and dislocation at delivery counters which may spark serious concerns.

distress shopping

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