Just like how our feet get sore when we walk for some time, or when we take a short walk on rough terrain, truck tires are also exposed to the same strain every time that trucks go on trips in the urban areas or the countrysides of the Philippines. Japan surplus shops provide trucks that have experienced such strain, but it won’t be that obvious because the tires are probably replaced already.

One of the most replaced truck parts is their tires. Due to frequent trips and oftentimes heavy loads, tires are exposed to the most natural wear and tear. Every moment that your tires are touching the ground, they’re experiencing wear and tear. And because of how many time commercial trucks are used, tires very quickly show signs of needing to be replaced! That being said, here are 3 signs that your tires need replacing, and fast!

Shallow Tread Depths

The tread on your tires should never fall below 1/16th of an inch. The shallower this is, the more dangerous it will be when you drive on wet surfaces. This also signals that your tires have gone through incredibly rough terrain! Keep in mind that tires are very durable, and it takes a lot for the tread to slowly wear off from it.

You can take it to a mechanic so that you can measure whether or not the treads are still deep enough. If it’s at dangerous levels, there’s no doubt that you should already replace your tires with a new set!

Tread Wear Indicators

New tires are equipped with their own wear indicator in the tires themselves! They will not be visible when the tires are new. Rather, they slowly become more obvious as the tire gets worn down. Most of the time the indicator appears as flat rubber bars running perpendicularly to the direction of the tread itself. Once more than one indicator is visible, that’s the sign that your tire needs to be replaced.

Cracks in the Sidewalls

Tire treads are not the only indicators that can show how much wear and tear a tire has. One of the most obvious ones are cracks on the sidewalls of tires! These cracks are easily found by simply performing a visual check of your tires. Anything that looks wrong- cracks, obvious grooves, and cuts are some of them. These abnormalities are signs that your tire might be experiencing a leak and this is definitely something that you want to avoid!

As soon as you think the oddities around your tire starts to look serious, then it’s going to be time for you to replace the tires!

Key Takeaway

Commercial trucks from japan surplus in the Philippines are known for their relative durability. Something that you should take note of, however, is the durability of the tires used by these trucks. Of course, they are more durable and stronger than standard tires, but at the same time, they are also exposed to more elements and are prone to more kinds of wear and tear. Keep a look out for the 3 signs listed above so that you’ll know when you have to replace your tire!

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