Skin Brightening Tomato And Lime Juice Mask

Summer has come. To protect our skin from de-hydration we need plenty of water to drink and tomatoes to protect from harmful UV rays. A powerful antioxidant –  lycopene in tomatoes, protects our skin from aging.


On the other hand lemon fruit with flavonoids helps prevent fever, indigestion and improve the skin, hair, and teeth. Nutrients found in both promote healthy skin by decreasing wrinkles, and increases the production of healthy new cells.

Here I am giving you a fantastic home made skin brightening tomato and lime juice mask recipe with the combination of both, which will brighten up your skin, eliminate wrinkles and blackheads to increase the glow on your face.

Skin brightening tomato and lime juice mask

  • Dice the tomato and juice the lime into a blender.
  • Cut the lemon into half (too much of lime ) or skin it and dice it into the blender along with the tomato.
  • Add little chopped mint leaves
  • Add one un-boiled, de-skinned, chilled fresh potato paste
  • Now blend it.
  • You can add more tomatoes if u like.
  • Now add flour to acquire the texture and thickness you need to apply onto your face,and be able to stay on.
  • Now apply it to your face.
  • After 15 min wash it off with cold water.
  • You will feel a stinging sensation for the first couple of times and it is because of the lime, try not to add too much of lime for the first time.
  • Apply it once a week.

Take Away: Apply this juice twice a week. This mask can also cure problems related to the skin, if used regularly. Sunburns, acne and eczema can be cured fast with this juice. It acts as an anti-aging remedy and can remove wrinkles and blackheads. Drinking its juice mixed with water and honey without flour and potato turn your skin healthy and glow.

You can use soaps containing this juice but it is recommended that you make and use home made juice to reap full benefit.

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