IBM’s Smallest computer has been unveiled and it’s smaller than the grain of a salt, literally. This tiny computer is barely visible to human eye. Don’t go by its size, it can remarkably help fight with fraud trade like counterfeit drugs, gadgets, and cash frauds using blockchain technology.

Smallest Computer Chip On Salt Grain

This micro computer is only 1mm x 1mm small costing less than Rs 7 to manufacture. Although the computer is smaller then a grain of salt, it has features of a complete computer with one million transistors and a photovoltic cell for power. It has a communication unit that uses a photo detector to connect with the outside world.

This tiny intelligent dust could be all over the place doing complex calculations, sensing, connecting with other motes playing key role in a blockchain network and the internet to allow to monitor fraud in global supply chains in the near future.

The photo below shows 64 motherboards. Two of the world’s smallest computers are the raised cubes in the top-left corner, which are mounted on the motherboard beneath.

These small solar-powered computers would be embedded in products and rely on LED lights to communicate with a network.

The first of these tiny computers could be available for customers within 18 months, Industries it will cater –
Food safety,
Genetically modified goods,
Expensive wines, and
Luxury Goods

These tiny computers are build on crypto-anchor systems based on an optical structure that can be placed on product labels and used as digital fingerprints.

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