Laxmikanth Senegar Si,

Sub Inspector of  Police, Laxmikanth Sengar, Fatehpur district, shot dead his subordinate Durgesh Tiwari who was head constable in the same police station.  Sengar is locally popular as Kunwar Bedhadak – which means “Young Fearless”. He was on duty in the premises of the Vijayipur police outpost along with Durgesh. The crime reportedly happened around midnight on Saturday.

Durgesh Tiwari
Durgesh Tiwari, Was Head Constable

As per the news, Durgesh Tiwari was on patrol when he saw a well dressed, drunk English speaking man Mr Nandlal, arguing with a truck driver on the main road and brought both of them to the outpost. A on duty cop, who wish not to be named, told that Nandlal was quarreling and threatening cops of dire consequence.

Raged by this, Durgesh allegedly started thrashing Nandlal. SI, on the other hand was allegedly filming the scene. While Durgesh wanted and adamant on putting Nandlal behind bars, SI was eager to sort out the matter.

In the process, Si and Head constable had heated argument and they went out into the corridor.

Few minutes later SI fired on Durgesh. While on his way to the hospital, Sengar was intercepted by cops and was arrested. Tiwari was rushed to the hospital with a bullet in his chest but was declared brought dead.

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