Summer Holiday Homework For Parents

    family eating together

    Till today,  summer holidays for school students came with tons of holiday homework, which rarely differ from the standard academic curriculum. However, a higher secondary school in Chennai has come up with an amazing concept.

    Holiday homework for Parents

    Rather than giving homework to students, Anna Violet Matriculation and Higher Secondary School in Coimbatore has assigned it to parents to spend time with their children to strengthen relationship bonding by having meals together, sharing inspiring stories, involving them into developmental activities and making them more responsible, aware and sensitive towards the society.

    Home work list includes having at least two meals together with children. Teach children about  food wastage by telling them the importance of hard-work of farmers in producing food. Encouraging children washing their own plates thus teaching the importance of dignity of labour etc

    The highlight of this homework list is it is mandatory for students to visually document the homework by completing each of the task mentioned in the list through photographs and are supposed to file back once the school reopens.

    eating together
    The Family that eats together, stays together

    All together, the homework appears to be heartwarming list and not nightmarish to parents as it may have appeared at the first glance. The effort of Lydia Devasagayam, the principal of the school and the master behind the idea is certainly praiseworthy.

    We have become techno-savvy and are dramatically losing control over kids in the tech race. Aren’t we focusing only on marks and seeking top positions for kids to make money, focusing less on values?. This move comes as a refreshing break for parents because unless they cater time and create lovely moments out of kids, they will loose them in rat-race.

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