The power of rating and review in social media
As a customer, have you shared your opinion about a product or a service in the digital medium?

I was almost, but didn’t shared my review about a product. I realized, my one review Value was 4k. Here is the complete story.

The sofa that did not sell.

My Story: Last summer in 2016, I bought an inflatable black sofa from a leading e-commerce portal. I was happy to receive it in a neat package. But, when I opened and inflated it, my enthusiasm got deflated. The sofa turned out to have an odd shape. I immediately requested  the seller to replace the defective piece. After a week, I got the replacement. A NEW INFLATABLE SOFA, in a neat package. When, I opened it, it took no longer than a glance to make out that it’s a used piece, and when I filled the air, it had a flaw, a hole.

I was discouraged and angry. I made up my mind to give them a negative feedback. I thought to give one star with a negative review on the seller site. I spoke to the seller support team regarding the same. After the oral feedback, the support team immediately responded and refunded my amount in a couple of days. Also, they left the defective sofa with me.

Eventually, I was not a happy customer, as they say it in their slogan ( Delivering Happiness) but I have spared a bad review or rating on the seller site because he was empathetic in his words. Also, they refunded my whole amount, without any cuts.

Yes, I did record a video of the sofa and sent it to the seller and to  support team at that point of time. Next time if you find such product just leave them a review. Do you have any such experience with any of the seller site? What is your experience, share via comment box below.


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