TheGod Joe Kush

An interesting video is on fire on social media. The viral video is expected to get momentum on whatsapp and facebook before its being proved Fake.

Claims that an Indian Millionaire, a businessman who’s roots are from Gujarat threw $100,000 in total and $100 dollars bills in air to celebrate the emphatic win of Narendra Modi on 47th Street Mahattan in Newyork is Fake.

The incident of throwing did occur and the most beautiful part is seeing people collecting the notes. However, the reason is different.

In reality the alleged millionaire is not an Indian businessman but an American rapper who goes by the name ‘TheGod Joe Kush.’

The rapper himself posted a video on Instagram page about a week ago – days before the results of Lok Sabha Election were even declared in India

$5 Dollars not $100

Joe Kush’s video, taken from a different angle, shows the rapper throwing $5 bills into the air, and not $100 bills as the viral post claims.

Thus there is no truth to the claim that the video shows an Indian man celebrating the BJP’s victory in the Lok Sabha election, and the netizens are requested not to believe but enjoy as a wine this piece of news.

This is not the first time GodJoe Kush threw money. Here is another video of him money showering at Detroit.

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