Top Parenting Mistakes

Most parents think that they are doing it right. But in reality they are doing mistakes.

Telling NO – Tell the word “NO” often but wisely. Many times saying No is compulsory- to protect a child from danger. Say for example when the kid is reaching for the blade which you may have kept open forgetfully. It is important to use No for your child’s own good. But parents often make it a habit of telling NO to every damn small thing. Medical research has shown that a child’s natural curiosity is killed each time they hear this word. Hence, its of immense importance with rational judgment while deciding when to say “NO” and when not.

My advise is to use the word when its absolutely essential for you in situations when the child may be in the danger of harming himself or herself. Long research have also proved that using the word NO in irrelevant contexts lost its meaning as whole and the child too took it lightly.

parents mistakeMollycoddling – while growing, children tends to explore things around them. In the process they are bound to fall, hurt, get bumped and bruise themselves at times. It is but natural for parents to panic and react to such situations such as jumping to the child’s rescue as soon as they see the child tripping. Thorough observations and research has shown that though parents aim to help the child, but such impulsive reaction of parents may hinder the child’s ability to cope with hardships on their own.

I understand and I don’t mean to let child drown in a swimming pool under the impression that the child will cope on his or her own. But, similar to previous point, you as a parent must use your judgment to decide when a child exactly needs your help.  It is best to save the cuddling and coddling for times when a child needs it.

Excess After School Activities – Never burden your child with too many tasks in a day especially after school activities. Experts say that such children turns out to be over-programmed and stressed out. You  can let the child play with kids of his or her own age. This will help them to be more creative and  grow positively which is impossible when they are engaged in too many structured activities.

Spending Quality Time – Few parents spend most of their time in front of monitors- television and computers to counter competition. But, at least you can schedule a time to spend some quality time with your children. Also, the fun activities like going out for a bike ride with your kid or walk through a park can ease your stress. You can teach the wonders of the world around them as well as learn from them by spending time away-from-digital gadgets.



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