The Basics of Internet Business
Today I want to make you understand, the various methods involved in earning money online. To make money online you need to know what is blogging? After you create your blog, you need to understand what is internet marketing?. Ask yourself what you thought was an Internet Marketing? Honestly. Most of you must have answered, Google Business, Surveys, Data entry, Clicking emails or Clicking ads. Very few people might have said creating website and promoting it. I am aware. I have been dealing with hundreds of people in India. Now I had mentioned this in my articles, I would like to throw more light on this.

The various methods to earn money online
The first and the most famous method, “the Google business“, as people say. I don’t know who named so. But most people from various parts of India with whom I have interacted use the term “Google business”. It is widely known as “Affiliate Marketing”. In simple terms, it is promoting a product of a person or company and earning certain percentage of money as commission on every sale happened because of you. There are two parties involved. In some cases 3 or 4 parties involve on the seller side.

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The first one is the owner of the product and the second one is the person who promotes it, also known as Affiliate. If you do not have a product, but want to earn money, just apply for an affiliation and become an affiliate. You can promote the product and earn money. There are lots of other aspects involved in the product, which I believe is not essential now. I am aware, as a beginner you will have lots of questions about this business. But this much information is enough to understand what AFFILIATE BUSINESS is.

 This is a huge subject, people in India are charging about Rs.45,000/- plus without any personal guidance for just 50% of the information I give on this subject. Remember, this subject is just one of about 10 different subjects that I am going to educate you on. The second famous method is GOOGLE ADSENSE. To under-stand Google Adsense, you must know what is Google Adwords. For those who do not know what is Adwords, just go to Google and type anything such as “best shoes in India” . You will see sponsored ads on the right sidebar or top of the Google. These are Adwords.

 Google displays advertisements on their websites and their affiliate websites (known as content websites), the advertiser pay to Google, only if someone clicks on their advertisement (also known as Pay-per-Click or PPC). The Google Adsense denotes the affiliation with Google. If you want to start Adsense business you must first apply and get affiliated to Google.

Then you will display Google’s advertisements on your website. Whenever a visitor of your website, click’s on an advertisement, Google will charge the advertiser and pay you a percentage of money as commission.

Third and my favorite method, Selling your own product.
I believe, even if you start with other methods, your ultimate goal must be to sell your own products. The major question of a beginner is “What will I sell? I don’t have a product” Yes, certainly it is a big question for everyone. Answer – Don’t sell anything NOW.

Keep in mind that one day, you must have your own product to sell. Start learning NOW. Observe every product that you come across. Relate it to your interests, education and experience. One day you will certainly have a wonderful product to sell. There are hundreds of other methods to earn money online. But all the other methods originate from the above methods with some variation or twists. Look, either you will sell a product or a service/skill. But, you will have to sell it.

Also you might have noticed that I did not mention anything about surveys, data entry, reading emails, etc. I do not really consider them as a business. Of course it is a business for those who promote them. But for you it will be just another job. However, If you are interested to join the list of jobs available with us, you can do so here. – Work with Us

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