Vihaan Patel, Mumbai Cop Wins 9.5 Crores In Jackpot?

Vihaan Patel
If the story is to be believed, Vihan Patel a Mumbai top cop wins 9.5 crores in jackpot. This news has been spreading like wild fire across social media. As usual, I thought to investigate on the same. And I found that it’s a fake news. Earlier I have blown the fake news about The News Of Container Of Children Found By Tamil Nadu Police

What is more annoying is that this news is on Yahoo home page. The third most popular website in the world as per alexa. People tend to trust news bits when published in such authority websites.

fake news vihaan patel

Before I give detailed information about Vihaan Patel news, look at the picture to know what’s happening on the web. It’s on Yahoo News Main Page. However, it is not written or published by any yahoo reporter. If you right click on the headline of the news and click inspect, you can see the adware url as is an adware but non malware program which once installed on your pc will change your browser setting and default homepage. Ethical hackers commonly refer this as a PUA or Potentially Unwanted Application.

beap.gemini yahoo is an adware that will change your browser setting and default homepage

This application can be very irritating, redirecting your browser home page, and slowing down the computer. Fortunately, this is not into damaging files or stealing information from your PC.

By this, you can assume, that the advertiser Mondial Casino in order to promote his business is advertising the fake news via beap.gemini.

As per the vine, Police Officer Vihaan had a normal family life. As usual he showed up for his morning duty in police station, but that day his life changed forver.

For him, everything changed. Unstable life, shuffling jobs to meet ends like working anywhere from a temporary desk job to a local supermarket in Mumbai (Now this line itself appears fake, a police officer working on a local supermarket on a desk job).

fake news of Vihan Patel a Mumbai top cop winning 9.5 crores in jackpot
fake news of Vihan Patel a Mumbai top cop winning 9.5 crores in jackpot

While browsing FB on his break, Vihaan found an online site giving away 150 free spins. With nothing to lose and 15 minutes of free time, he decided to try his luck. What happened 10 spins and 9 minutes later would change his families’ fate FOREVER. In a single spin, Vihaan won the progressive jackpot at Grand Mondial Casino, winning Rs 9,43,49,014  in a matter of 5 seconds. Next day, he realized that he could now finally meet his wife Aanya who has been working long distance for nearly 7 months.

I thought it was just free spins, but I hit the jackpot. I confirmed my age and claimed Rs 9,43,49,014 in my bank account. I just didn’t believed that it was really deposited in my bank the next day! I couldn’t wait to share the jackpot news with Aanya. Tears of joy started swelling up in my eyes and I knew this was all real.” (yeah, we too know, now)

So this was the zist of the news.

Take Away
The story is fake. On contacting Vihaan he has bluntly rejected the news as rumor.
Earlier, Ashok Dudhe, DCP of the traffic police, was a victim of fake news. Targeting another DCP Paramjit Singh Dahiya, the fake news spread that he was caught on a domestic flight with Rs 11cr in cash but released after he explained that he had actually won cash in lottery.

Since all the fake news have similar elements of context, police believe that these are spread to lure common people into playing online casino and ending up paying huge deposits.

This might be the modus operandi of organized group from unknown place in abroad. More than discrediting top cops, elements of context appears that Mondian Casino want to cash in by duping as many Indians as they want. The Mumbai police cyber cell wing is probing the case.

Hope this helps. Share this article to as many friends as you can to alert them. If you come across any news that you are skeptical, investigate or ask us to do so. What do you think about this issue? please leave your opinion below in the comment box.

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