VK Singh To Bring 39 Bodies From Mosul


    Minister of State for External Affairs V K Singh is in Mosul to bring back the mortal remains of 38 Indians from Mosul, After coming back, he will first go to Amritsar followed by Patna and Kolkata to hand over bodies to their relatives.

    vk singh about to fly to mosul pic
    vk singh about to fly to mosul pic

    It is to be noted that in June 2014, 40 Indians were kidnapped by ISIS from Mosul in Iraq, taken to Badoosh and killed 39 of them. One Indian managed to escape posing as a Muslim from Bangladesh.

    Of 39, 27 were from Punjab and 4 from Himachal Pradesh.

    As per top journalists, the mortals are expected to reach Amritsar international airport by 1:30 pm tomorrow.

    Ambulance arrangements have been made to transport the bodies to the native places of the deceased.

    Punjab CM, Amarinder Singh had promised to offer suitable compensation by his government to the bereaved families.

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