Ways kids Can Make Money Online

    Before you think of pulling the gadgets from your kids to distract them from Internet completely, hear this: Let the kids earn money online using their internet time.

    Not only they will like it, they will also become productive, and possibly save up for their education or summer camp they’ve been eyeing. Creating a source of online income for kids is an excellent idea to earn additional money.  If kids can earn, they don’t have to beg parents for pocket money. There are plenty of ways kids can make money online no matter how old they are. The Internet is filled with amazing things.

    If you are a kid reading this article, we advise you to discuss with your parents in advance about the plan to earn money online. While there are plenty of legitimate ways for you to earn money online, there are also scams you need to be careful of. If you are a parent, it is advisable to work with your kid to research about platforms before your kid give out personal information or entering into any work agreements. Here are few ways kids can make money online.


     Earn From Etsy
    Etsy website gives an excellent opportunity to earn some money as an artist. Kids can post their creativity and sell like drawings or paintings or homemade greetings, if you can make it, you can sell it on Etsy. You can also sell it on EBay. By selling you’ll learn two things – method to sell online and the value of money and how to ship items.

    Earn From Fiverr
    By doing simple Gigs, kids can earn money online. Site like Fiverr, is an ideal platform for kids to exhibit creativity. In fiverr, a simple task done are called a Gig. You can create as many Gigs you want. Here is the example of Gigs – Fiverr Gigs

    Few Ideas For Gigs are
    Design Ebook covers
    Making Greeting cards
    Drawing cartoon characters
    Designing Logos and business cards

    You can sell your creativity for $5 to start with and as you become top seller, you can sell it for up to $50 as well.  You can also create your own online store via Facebook.

    Earn Selling Pictures Online
    Yes it’s true. You can be paid by selling your images. Suppose you are on a family vacation and you are lucky to capture tons of beautiful nature pictures. You can submit these images to stock photography site Fotolia and earn money for each image download, once people start to download your images.
    Aternative websites to earn selling photos online 

    Earn money by creating a blog
    Kids can earn blogging. It might not be an easy task initially, but continuous blogging for years in niche subject will pay off very good. Blogging has made majority of online entrepreneurs rich.  You can learn more about blogging here – How To Become A Blogger?

    Ideas for blogging
    Few things they can write about are reviews of restaurants they had visited, about video games they played, movies they like, and books they read.

    Earn Money Creating Videos
    YouTube has given an excellent opportunity to earn money online creating videos, no matter how old the YouTuber is. You can start your own YouTube Channel. You can show your talent, skill or review on toys you like, places you visit and anything you can think of.

    Earn Money By Sharing Cooking Information
    Through blog you can write about cooking or baking foods. You can do the same on YouTube by creating videos. In both ways you can make good amount of money and attain fame.



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