What is An Envelope Stuffing Job? Is It Real Or Fake?


Envelope Stuffing Job, Explained!

Many of my website visitors are writing me to ask about the honesty of Envelope Stuffing Job. As a Journalist, I have intensively researched and I am surprised to see meaningless articles around the web. There are countless and pointless articles on Envelope Stuffing Job. One such unproductive article is written by Pritam Nagrale here who appears to be a content writer cum owner of moneyconnexion website.

who is record for moneyconnexions

I am worried how websters just to pull audience are compromising their honesty and instead of performing, misleading the responsibility.

Here is the mail I ve received. Click the image to enlarge

mail from moneyconnexions

When I clicked that visit here link I was re-directed to absolutely nonsense web page. This is like just webpage stuffing job than envelope stuffing job. Just loads of pointless information trying to explain what it is. And the irony of this article is the writer himself/herself isn’t confident about it? And here is the proof..Click the image to enlarge

Being that said and shown, Let me now explain what is Envelope Stuffing Job. Envelope stuffing job is nothing but mailorder business. Before I explain what is mail order business please have a look at this website content which I ve snapped. Click the image to enlarge

envelope snap

Excited? Want to do this easy looking job?
Don’t because you are taken for a ride.

What is mail order business?
Mail-order business, also called as direct-mail marketing, is a method of selling in which the seller’s offer is made through mass mailing of a circular or catalog or through an advertisement pamphlet placed in a newspaper or magazine and in which the buyer places an order by mail, and the goods delivered by mail.

The concept seems to be too good to be true. But the truth is, there is hardly any real business done through direct mail marketing or business. 

What happens in envelope stuffing or mailorder business?
The so called seller (Actually a CON) 
will give advertisement in newspaper, magazine or on Online Ad postings website. Looking so lucrative and easy, you reply to the ad. The advertiser will ask self addressed stamp envelope mailed to their address. here are 2 advertisements from olx and quickr respectively for your reference. Click the image to enlarge

olx ad

quickrThe advertiser may ask for your Mobile number for communication. In any case, once you send your contact details the advertiser will send you an envelope comprising of low quality 10 to 15 pages book on health tips or home-remedies for common diseases  (mostly copy pasted from internet) and 3 page interesting catalog or 3 page  colorful circular. 

This circular will have attractive and descriptive content that will pull you towards the business. The entire content will stress you to buy their MOB Kit (mobileorderbusiness kit) and how this MOB will change your life with little investment. You will be asked to send self addressed stamp envelope along with DD or cheque for the kit. Usually this price should be the requirement of the con. This can be from Rs 500 to Rs 5,000.

Once you send the envelope with your address and money in the form of DD or cheque, you will again receive another envelope with same 3 page circulars that you got in first mail. Now you will understand the business. This new 3 page circular will have fill in the blanks on top, middle, side and bottom of the circular content.

Wherever there is blank the advertiser will ask you to put your name and address with your own required money and advertise in newspapers, magazines and online as he did. When you advertise, you will get an inquiry. Who ever inquires, now you send the circulars asking them to buy MOB kit and when you get the money, that’s your income.

For example, responding to the first advertiser you sent him Rs 1000. Now you will send the circular with your name and address but the amount will be 1,500 or less. This seems to be small with a single person, but in volume it makes heck lot of money. This is nothing but money circulation without proper Good or Service and definitely comes under scrutiny.

As you already have invested your time and money into it, in order to get your money back, you may want to try it with one or 2 customers and let it go. But, that’s not nice. This is a vicious circle. It’s up to you to decide.

There are no certain laws to curb this business as there are no complaints registered against these crooks. As the volume of the money looks small dealing with a single person, your defiance to involve in litigation seems justified. Here are few complaints registered online with consumercomplaints portal. Click the image to enlarge


and here is another
naveenOur verdict –  What is An Envelope Stuffing Job? Is It Real Or Fake? IT IS FAKE!

How to curb this? – Share this post as much as you can with your friends and family and save their precious time and money


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