The largest gold producing region on earth today is in South Africa. East Rand Property Mines (ERPM) is a 120-year-old underground gold mine that is operating on the Witwatersrand Basin at Boksburg, to the east of city Johannesburg. This area produces as much as about half of the world’s supply of gold which sometimes has been over 1,000 tons.

The East Rand Mines are the largest single group of gold mines in South Africa, and cover an area of 12,000 acres. The largest mine of this group has tunnels which stretch for more than 2,500 miles underground.

Gold Mine. (The depth of 3585 m) – Up to the year 2008 is East Rand depth record held until it was surpassed Tau Tona. Owned by Pamodzi Gold Ltd.

 The mine employs 2,740 people. It was the deepest mine in the world until 2008 at 3,585 metres depth.

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