Why Do Skunk Smell Bad?

Skunk is the only friendly animal in the world which is most unloved by people around the world. Yes, it’s a friendly animal and makes a good pet. But, the reason it is hated is because of its noxious smell.

What makes skunk smell bad?
Because of it’s scent glands. The scent glands contains powerful nasty fluid which it usually spray on enemy to escape. The spray is so fast that it can travel about 3 meters in a stretch. Depending on the situation the skunk sprays the fluid either from a single gland or  from both. Each gland holds about 5 to 6 shots. This liquid is fatal as it suffocates and may cause temporary blindness.

Before striking, the skunk warns the enemy by showing momentum behaviors like raising tail, stamping feet vigorously, so that the suspected enemy withdraws.

There are 3 types of skunks

1. Striped skunk
2. The hog nosed skunk
3. Spotted

Majority of the skunks are seen North, South and Central America. The striped skunk has a white line on the head from the nose to a point between the short earns, and another that starts on the neck, divides into two stripes on the back, and continues to the tail.

Striped skunks are found in Canada to Mexico

Size of the skunks
Majorly largest skunks are about 80 centimeter long including 20 centimeters for tail

14 kilograms

Skunks uses
Skunks have been used for fur coats and are raised on fur farms for scent glands.

Skunks with its fore feet and long claws digs grubs and feeds on insects. On spotting shallow holes in the ground, one can access that skunk is living there by way of its bad smell or the deep grub. If nasty smell is overlooked skunks have helped mankind by eating beetles, grasshoppers, rodents, snakes, wasps and crickets and protected the crops.

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