teens and parents

As New research suggests  brain’s ability to adopt the viewpoint of others is still budding but Teenagers might have a new excuse for ignoring their parent’s orders.

Brain scans suggest that a teenage mind toils harder when inferring the outlook of others, compared with adults. And a brain region implicated in theory of mind, the medial prefrontal cortex, continues to develop through adolescence.

Teenagers don’t understand why their parents cannot be more laid back and parents can’t understand how their children can be so carefree.

Teenagers are the people who are experimenting with many things such as relationships, and drugs. Many parents are aware of these things and that’s the reason why they are overprotective of their young teenage children. Parents feel they should guide their young children in the right direction, but teenagers want their independence, so they do not understand one another’s desires.

As teenagers begin to disentangle from their folks, they inevitably sort a parent’s every behavior and predilection into one of two categories: those they reject, and those they intend to adopt. Unfortunately for the peace of the household, each of these categories creates its own problem for teenagers intent on establishing their individuality.

Once teenagers have had time and space to establish their own skills, interests and tastes, their allergic response to their parents usually dies down. As they age, adolescents’ evolving cognitive capacitie allow them to think beyond seeing their parents only as being like, or unlike, how they themselves want to be.+

Researchers found that teenagers base many of their actions on immediate gratification,tinking about the here and now,not the future. They have not grown yet developed the nerve connections to deal with decision-making.Of course, knowing that they have the impulses of toddlers doesn’t mean you should treat them as such.But being armed with this information will make it easier for you to stay calm.

Teenagers should listen and follow their parents’ advice so that they receive good direction in their lives and parents should listen to what their teens have to say about their own lives.


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