quit drinking

Alcohol is a social evil. Alcohol do more harm than good to society. A sip of glass taken as fun or under a normal social pressure can become serious addiction. This addiction adds problems at home and at work. History is evident that it did more harm than good. It stimulates the nerves and gives temporary ecstasy and false courage which may lead to crimes and accidents. Additionally in health point of view – besides heart, it severely damages liver, brain, nervous system and mostly leads to cancer.

It is a common sense and sensible to avoid alcohol altogether for the sake of your family and above all for yourself because it is ultimately you who is going to suffer personally.

Alcoholic beverages such as Whisky, Rum, Brandy, Beer and Wines, etc contains ethyl alcohol in varying proportions. It increases blood pressure and weakens the heart muscle a situation called as cardiomyopathy in medical terminology. Ethyl alcohol is also a component used in strong scented perfumes that gives strong aroma which is a base for all perfumes. Alcohol is a source of empty calories that means its without vitamins, minerals and proteins. Alcohol turns into fat, adding extra weight to the body. That is why you see people who drinks heavily becomes chubby. It increases the level of blood triglycerides.

The scariest part of drinking heavily is causing CIRRHOSIS.

Cirrhosis is a disease in which the liver deteriorates and malfunctions due to chronic injury. Scar tissue replaces healthy liver tissue, partially blocking the flow of blood through the liver. Scarring also weakens liver’s ability to:

  1. control infections
  2. extricate bacteria and toxins from the blood
    handle nutrients, hormones, and drugs
  3. grow proteins that regulate blood clotting
  4. process and produce bile to assist absorb fats like cholesterol and fat-soluble vitamins

A healthy liver is capable to regenerate most of its own cells when they become damaged. But, at the stage of cirrhosis, the liver becomes incapable and can no longer effectively replace damaged cells. Cirrhosis caused primarily by heavy drinking and is the 12th leading cause of death, accounting for 27,000 deaths each year.

Cirrhosis has various causes. In the recorded history, heavy alcohol consumption and chronic hepatitis C have been the most common causes of cirrhosis. Obesity is becoming a common cause of cirrhosis, either as the sole caues or in combination with alcohol, hepatitis C, or both. Many people with cirrhosis have more thna one cause of liver damage.

Some try to argue that 4ml of beer is healthy to take once a week but, alcohol in small amounts increases HDL, it does not increase the protective fraction HDL2. You need to know that non-alcoholic beverages and its components in wine prevent LDL oxidation. However, it is strictly recommended to avoid drinking because of its negative effects on blood and heart vessels. With so much bad effects, you seriously got to think whether you want to still drink to death or embrace life.

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