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Why, Where And How You Should Use Hashtags?

Until recently, I was immensely confused over hashtags. what is a hashtag and why people are talking about #hashtag on twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram? There are many websites which try to explain, but I wasn’t convinced as to why, how and where to use hashtags?

Actually it’s simple and INTERESTING! to understand.

Hashtags For people using social media
Everyone has something to share free or sell. A product or information. When you type words of information on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter And Instagram you can use hashtags. The symbol # on your keyboard.

A hashtag is a kind of tagging on social media sites that makes it easier for others to find you or similar information you are posting.

You might have seen the message asking you to tag your friend on facebook on a particular occasion or on a specific topic such as birthday. That means you write # hash mark like #familybirthday and tag your family members so that everyone can see the same conversations and share moments among them.

If you are a businessman, use hastags as they increase your social media presence. Including a hashtag with your posts helps to categorize your content for your specific audience.

using hashtags

Let’s understand this better from a user point of view. I am an information seeker and I am searching on internet things which interests me. While searching, I would ask search engine with #hashtags to allow me to find posts that are relevant to my interests and interact with other social media users who share my interests by joining the conversation.

If I am searching for garlic benefits. I would search as #benefits of #garlic

For Best Investments By Tycoons In 2020 . I would search as #bestinvestments2020 or #investments2020.

As you can see that the hashtag content is viewable by anyone who has a similar interest as mine such as garlic and investment for business.

If you are a businessman or woman hastags can help you build a brand for your product by quickly engaging with targeted customers and joining the conversation about what’s trending. With great visibility you are more likely to create a larger audience, exponentially increasing the chances of fresh leads for your business.

For Bloggers
Hashtags works. it is an effective way to get more eyes on your posts. A post which has at least one hashtag attains 15 to 20% more engagement as compared to one without a hashtag.

I use #Hashtags for several reasons:

#Hashtags help me and others who are interested in the same thing as I do, find and post common content. like #Seafood for fish and lobsters #RobloxPiggy for popular roblox game etc. I think you got an idea.

I saw a friend of mine, aiming to raise crowd funds, twitting, but did not #Hashtag it. The tweet would have been engaging more if he said #CrowdFunding and #KickStart. 

#Hashtags help me find information I need. If I am looking for services or specific information I will search #Hashtags. If I am looking for a video editor or a music piece for a job I will search for #Hashtags that are relevant to what I need. If you need to ask a specific question from a particular knowledge base you can do so with a #Hashtag and all the “experts” can answer you back, you compile the information and digest. 

I use these rule for #Hashtags

Only two #Hashtags per tweet or it gets too hard to read. No spamming and don’t hijack a #Hashtag but make one. All the best.

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