In an unusual medical accident, a woman in Uttar Pradesh died after an unexpected explosion in her mouth while undergoing treatment at Jawahar Lal Nehru Medical College. The woman was brought to the hospital and admitted after she allegedly consumed poison. In all probability, she might have consumed sulfuric acid which after coming in contact with oxygen through the suction pipe, exploded. The doctors were doing gastric lavage procedure (suck out poison from stomach ) for removal of poison.

Chief medical officer, SS Zaidi said, there can also be a possibility that she allegedly consumed Celphos tablet (Aluminium phosphate) which releases phosphin gas in addition to Aluminium oxide and other gases which are highly inflammable and the explosion occurred when it came in contact with gastric acid. But its only the assumption, the body however has been sent to post mortem and doctors are also trying to understand, how it happened?

We have CCTV footage of the explosion and we have reviewed it several times. Our team are trying to understand as such thing has never happened in the medical history of science. A thorough research is required to ascertain the exact cause of explosion and when we come to know, we will reveal it, said Zaidi.

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