YouTube’s Head Quarters Attacked

    Attak on Youtube HQ

    Nasim Aghdam the attacker reportedly pissed off with Youtube for decreasing her earnings

    This news is shocking. It happened in the world’s biggest technology HQ campus of the world  – YouTube. More than 1,500 people work here and is owned by Google and is the area’s biggest employer.

    Youtube HQ- location of shooting
    Youtube HQ- location of shooting

    What Happened?

    According to the officials, Youtuber  Nasim Aghdam, a resident of San Diego in southern California opened fire with a handgun on employees working at YouTube’s Head Quarters offices in San Bruno, near San Francisco at lunch time. She reportedly came from outdoor patio to dining room.

    Officials told she ran various channels on a variety of subjects including highlighting animal cruelty. Post gun attack all her social media profiles have been terminated by the respective platforms.

    Nasim started hating Youtube over its treatment of her video postings. She reportedly was angry for filtering her videos and reducing her revenues. The gun attack injured a man and two women with serious wounds. Later, Nasim shot herself dead.

    Youtubers can earn money from advertisements but Youtube can de-monetize any channel for policy violations. It is still obscure if this happened with Nasim’s video material.

    YouTube shooter’s videos reveal anger at company

    video courtesy- mercurynews

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